Rope Access Bridge Services

Quality Work Delivered On Time

Over time, bridges are exposed to environmental and traffic loading conditions that lead to the natural deterioration of the bridge. Whether designing repairs for a single bridge, determining needs for a group of bridges, or prioritizing the work program, we’re there to help. We aim to maximize a bridge’s service life while increasing structural or functional capacity wherever feasible.

TATRAS GROUP has vast experience with several bridges across British Columbia, from debris/bird netting installation, steel coating, concrete repairs, and NDT testing to full maintenance programs.


Our Bridge Maintenance Methods

Our Maintenance Program aims to preserve structures in their present condition and prevent structural deficiencies. Our company offers flexible solutions for all inaccessible locations without heavy machinery or scaffolding. Tatras utilize suspended platforms and rope access systems. This work is typically performed on structures with significant service life remaining. Structures that are not maintained are more likely to deteriorate at a faster pace and require higher-priced treatments sooner than maintained structures. Therefore, it is cost-effective to maintain structures to avoid the need for replacement or major rehabilitation.