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Exceptional Service, Unbeatable Value, Unparalleled Expertise.

Tatras Industrial provides services across the Canadian Industrial market with two offices located in Ontario and British Columbia. Tatras Industrial is proud to be recognized as the leading expert in innovative working-at-heights and confined space access solutions.

We specialize in maintenance, inspection, repair, and installation projects within Infrastructure, Industrial, and Energy sectors.

We adhere to the highest standards of safety and reliability, guaranteed by our IRATA and COR certifications as well as ISNet membership.

Our rope access expertise enables us to lower the project costs for our customers, often by more than 50% compared to traditional techniques.


At Tatras Industrial, we serve the Infrastructure, Industrial, and Energy sectors by providing efficient, reliable, and cost-effective services tailored to our client’s needs. Our team leverages industry-proven technology and expertise to create innovative solutions – concentrating on rope access, confined space access, and alternative access methods.

Safety, compliance, and quality assurance form the core of our operations.


Our vision is to become Canada’s premier industrial services provider, renowned for our expertise and customer-centric approach. As we broaden our market reach and enhance our service offerings, we promote a culture that values operational excellence, adaptability, and a supportive work environment for our team members.

We advocate for effective communication, collaboration, and responsiveness in all our projects.


Tatras Industrial aims to transform the industrial landscape with innovative approaches that exceed customer expectations and positively impact the communities we serve. Our purpose is to promote economic growth through responsible industrial, infrastructure, and energy development while safeguarding the environment for a sustainable future.

Our Core Values

Safety First

We prioritize safety in all our operations, ensuring a secure environment for our employees and clients.

Customer Focus

We work to understand and exceed customers’ expectations, consistently delivering high-quality services and solutions.


We value every team member's role in creating synergies, promoting proficiency, and open communication.


We conduct business with honesty, transparency, and accountability, building trust among our clients and stakeholders.


We are dedicated to delivering outstanding expertise and performance through continuous improvement, innovation, and a commitment to quality.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our multicultural team supports a respectful, diverse and inclusive environment where every team member feels value and fulfilled.

Social Responsibility

We're committed to sustainable practices that positively impact both the environment and the communities we serve.

Michal Brondel


As the CEO and co-founder of Tatras Group, Michal is responsible for running all facets of the business.

Michal brings more than a decade of executive experience with leading in Building Science and Industrial Rope Access sectors. His attitude is a perfect example of great perseverance in pursuing his goal, not giving up and loyalty to his principles.

He intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization, brings them together into a coherent whole, helps others extend their thinking, and drives material business advantage. 

He is an inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action while at the same time is grounded in financial information that levers the business. 

His background includes Energy Management Systems and business development. Michal was also a member of European Mountain Search and Rescue and co-founder of Protec Vertical Solutions – a successful Vancouver based Building Restoration firm.

Michal is a man of integrity and able to make the tough calls when necessary.

Oskar Michalak

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Tatras Group

Oskar Michalak serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Tatras Group. With a distinguished background spanning specialized mountain rescue, adventure tourism, and industrial rope access, Oskar brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.

Armed with a master’s degree in Emergency Management, Oskar’s career journey began on elite mountain rescue teams, where he honed his skills navigating diverse and challenging terrain, from towering mountains to intricate cave systems and industrial sites. His proficiency in specialized rescue operations laid the foundation for his transition into the field of industrial rope access.

As a seasoned rope access technician, Oskar has overseen a multitude of projects encompassing a wide range of structures, including towering smokestacks, complex stadium designs, airport terminals, expansive bridges, and architectural landmarks. His technical acumen, coupled with his steadfast commitment to safety and efficiency, has earned him a reputation for delivering top-tier service and results.

In his role as COO at Tatras Group, Oskar is dedicated to ensuring the company operates at peak efficiency while upholding stringent safety standards. He oversees all operational aspects of the business, driving innovation, optimizing processes, and fostering a culture of excellence among the team.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Oskar is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys pushing his limits in endurance events and exploring nature with his family. His passion for the outdoors fuels his commitment to excellence in all aspects of his life, making him a trusted leader and valuable asset to Tatras Group.

Meet Our Team.


Michael Kwadrans

Head of Expansion. Ontario

Michael Kwadrans is an energetic and exceptionally successful sales and marketing professional with over 12 years of experience working for global Enterprise technology leaders such as IBM, Nuvei and Global Payments. He lives and works by the following motto, “Honesty, Transparency and Delivery”. He brings specialized skills in leadership, marketing, management, B2B sales, project management, key account management and business development experience. Michael is a natural connector who has an invaluable network of global business professionals in various industries, sectors and markets. He has a specialized honours degree in International/Global studies from York University in Toronto, including completing a study abroad International Business Program from the Cracow University of Economics.

Michael’s role at Tatras Industrial is to lead direct sales and expansion efforts and continue to bring value to clients in the Ontario market and growth on the East Coast.


Pawel Krzykwa

Industrial Sales Representative. BC

Passionate about people and skilled at building connections, Pawel smoothly transitioned from a dynamic career as a project manager to an Industrial Sales Representative at Tatras Industrial. With a background in computer engineering, Pawel brings an analytical mindset and a customer-focused approach to Tatras, passionately committed to enhancing our footprint in work-at-heights and confined space access solutions.

Outside the office, Pawel loves travelling, taking photos, hitting the slopes and cherishing quality time with his son and wife.

Sergio Alzate

Administrative Manager

Sergio is responsible for bookkeeping and warehouse management. He brings to Tatras Group more than 12 years of experience as a manager in different companies. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and he is currently studying Accounting Diploma to increase his knowledge of Canadian Financial Procedures.

He enjoys visiting new places with his family, meeting people, and playing board games.


Jordan Wright

Rope Access Operations Manager

Jordan Wright brings over a decade of industrial rope access experience to Tatras as our Rope Access Operations Manager.

Jordan has spent most of his life at height. He started his life on a rope, climbing all over the world as a professional rock climber. Jordan then transitioned into the industrial world and has been involved in many high-profile projects throughout Canada, including Oil and Gas, Natural Resources, Processing, Bridge and Infrastructure, Transportation, Geotechnical and ongoing maintenance projects.

Throughout his time as a rope access technician, Jordan has held safety at the forefront of every project. Bringing this mindset to Tatras Group, Jordan is responsible for overseeing the rope access division. As an IRATA Instructor, he brings strong mentorship and advanced technical knowledge of rope access equipment and systems to the Tatras team.

Outside of work, Jordan spends his time running, climbing, skiing and riding in the mountains with his wife and three kids.


Mehrdad Teimoori

Project Manager/ Chief Estimator

Mehrdad is the project manager of Tatras Group company with responsibility for infrastructure and building projects. His background is in construction with a master’s degree in seismic engineering and more than 15 years of experience in project supervision and management.

He is supporting Tatras projects with the provision of management service and resources supply. This includes contracting, planning, timing, budgeting, and monitoring the activities to deliver the work safely, on schedule, within budget, and quality requirements.


Zac Scott

Field Operation Manager

Zac brings over 12 years of extensive experience in the construction industry to our team. His diverse background covers various construction sectors, including residential construction, renovations, oil and gas projects, confined space work, and specialized skills in concrete restoration, membrane application, and waterproofing. Zac’s work has spanned various environments, from industrial facilities such as oil and gas plants and grain elevators to bridges, residential properties, and commercial high-rises.

With over eight years of experience as a rope access technician, Zac consistently demonstrates a steadfast commitment to workplace safety and ensures it remains at the forefront of every project he takes on. Zac excels in solving complex work challenges and is known for his ability to devise innovative, efficient, and effective solutions.

Outside of work, Zac enjoys playing sports and enjoys spending quality time with his fiancée and dog, Stella.

Felipe Meza

Felipe Meza


Felipe studied industrial design, a career that teaches you how to associate objects with their different processes, design, construction and identify flaws or spaces for new designs.

All this experience added to 12 years working in building renewal and industrial rope access sectors in Chile and Canada makes Felipe a high skill worker.

The mountains and climbing is one of his passions, making ascents in Patagonia and a large part of Chile and now discovering the infinite places that Canada has.


Renan Lara

Project Coordinator

Renan has a background of over five years of supervisory and management experience in the building maintenance industry. His experiences as a high-rise field technician and possession of rope access certificates facilitate him in informed decision-making and inspire him to think critically about innovation and efficiency in his current role as a Project Manager at Tatras Group. Renan prioritizes safe work practices and values building strong relationships within his team and with clients.
Outside of work, he enjoys spending his free time in the mountains and is passionate about biking and snowboarding.


Mark Jarder

Project Coordinator

Mark joins the project management team and brings over a decade of operations and supply chain experience to Tatras Group. He has a strong passion for solving complex problems. With his extensive background in operations, he will be responsible for helping improve our systems and processes as we grow while managing multiple projects along with the rest of the team.
When not at work, he spends most of his time with his wife and three kids going on adventures and quality time. He also has a heart for addressing food insecurity and spends some of his time helping in that space.


Vanesa Sanchez Naranjo

Project Manager Assistant

Vanesa Sanchez Naranjo studied a technique in business consulting and operations in financial entities. Later, she finished her Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration. Since then, Vanesa has been working in the administrative area for more than 7 years. Vanesa also has the opportunity to work as a quality control supervisor for a couple of years.

She lived abroad for 5 years, travelling and learning new management systems. She had the fortune to learn English and learn about a different culture during this time.

Vanesa is a responsible, honest and punctual person.

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