Infrastructure Sector: Working-at-Heights and Confined Space Access Services

Tailored Solutions for Infrastructure Services

At Tatras Industrial, we excel in delivering secure, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for a diverse range of infrastructure projects across multiple sectors. Here are some of the industries we serve, along with examples of their challenges related to confined space access and working-at-heights, and how we can help you achieve your goals


Power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities often require working in confined spaces and at heights. Our specialized access services enable us to perform inspection, maintenance, repair, and installation tasks in challenging environments with minimal disruption to your operations.


High-rise buildings and industrial complexes require specialized access services for confined spaces and working at heights. We support your construction projects with versatile access solutions such as rope access, suspended platforms, and cradles. Additionally, we perform quality control, surveying, and challenging glazing tasks with precision and efficiency.

Sports Venues

Stadiums and arenas often have unique structures and shapes, which can pose challenges for working at heights and accessing confined spaces. Our expertise and equipment allow us to provide access services for any size or shape of sports venue. We can assist with installation, maintenance, and removal of temporary or permanent structures, such as scoreboards, banners, nets, lighting, and sound systems, and perform maintenance, repair, and inspection tasks to keep your venue in top condition.

Railway Infrastructure, Port Infrastructure, Transportation and Logistics

Railways, bridges, tunnels, and ports present unique access challenges. We provide reliable access services that adhere to the highest safety standards and regulations, ensuring the smooth functioning of your transportation network. For example, bridge maintenance often involves working at heights and in confined spaces, which we can expertly navigate with our access systems.

Our customized services cater to the specific needs of infrastructure sites