Infrastructure Sector: Working-at-Heights and Confined Space Access Services

Tailored Solutions for Infrastructure Services

At Tatras Industrial, we excel in delivering secure, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for a diverse range of infrastructure projects across multiple sectors. Here are some of the industries we serve, along with examples of their challenges related to confined space access and working-at-heights, and how we can help you achieve your goals


Power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities often require working in confined spaces and at heights. Our specialized access services enable us to perform inspection, maintenance, repair, and installation tasks in challenging environments with minimal disruption to your operations.


High-rise buildings and industrial complexes require specialized access services for confined spaces and working at heights. We support your construction projects with versatile access solutions such as rope access, suspended platforms, and cradles. Additionally, we perform quality control, surveying, and challenging glazing tasks with precision and efficiency.

Sports Venues

Stadiums and arenas often have unique structures and shapes, which can pose challenges for working at heights and accessing confined spaces. Our expertise and equipment allow us to provide access services for any size or shape of sports venue. We can assist with installation, maintenance, and removal of temporary or permanent structures, such as scoreboards, banners, nets, lighting, and sound systems, and perform maintenance, repair, and inspection tasks to keep your venue in top condition.

Railway Infrastructure, Port Infrastructure, Transportation and Logistics

Railways, bridges, tunnels, and ports present unique access challenges. We provide reliable access services that adhere to the highest safety standards and regulations, ensuring the smooth functioning of your transportation network. For example, bridge maintenance often involves working at heights and in confined spaces, which we can expertly navigate with our access systems.

Our customized services cater to the specific needs of infrastructure sites

Why Choose Tatras Group

At Tatras Group, we offer highly qualified trade technicians specializing in various fields of industry, such as emergency management, carpentry, electrical work, installation, and coating services. Our rope access team is fully equipped to handle a wide range of projects, catering to all types of buildings and structures.

Before starting a project, we prepare a comprehensive set of safety measures, including Methodology statements, Job Hazard Analysis, and a Complex Rescue Plan.

Our primary goal with rope access methods is to complete jobs efficiently while ensuring the complete elimination of accidents, incidents, or any dangerous occurrences. To achieve this goal and to prevent any damage to property or harm to the environment, we conduct precise planning and document risk assessments for each operation.

Case Studies

The Granville Bridge in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

Eight-lane fixed cantilever/truss bridge.

Rehabilitation and Seismic Upgrades.

Tatras Industrial was instrumental in the rehabilitation and seismic enhancements of the Granville Bridge, expertly accomplishing the project in 2021. We have been consistently engaged in follow-up inspection and repair initiatives for the bridge during 2022 and 2023. Key tasks include structural improvements such as rivet replacement, bolt torque adjustments, the overhaul of plumbing systems, and providing support to other bridge rehabilitation contractors.

The Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Six lanes, 1,292 meters – part of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Rehabilitation and Pilot Netting System for Ministry of Transportation.

Tatras Industrial recently installed a custom-designed netting system at the Ironworkers Bridge for the Ministry of Transportation. Our innovative solution offers a new approach to bridge rehabilitation, providing superior safety and engineering excellence. Our netting system has gained recognition from the Ministry of Transportation, which is considering implementing it across more steel bridges in the province.

Johnson Street Bridge, Victoria, British Columbia.

Single-leaf rolling bascule, 46 meters long.

Annual Maintenance and Inspections.

Our team conducted annual maintenance and inspections using methods that preserved the bridge’s paint coatings, lights, sensors, and other electrical/mechanical components.

WGCC, Langley, British Columbia.

Walnut Grove Community Centre Waterslide.

Structural Upgrades.

Structural upgrades were performed on the waterslide at the WGCC during a narrow shutdown period. The task involved replacing structural bolts, which necessitated close coordination between our team and ground-level trades to ensure optimal safety management. Our highly skilled team demonstrated expertise in handling various aspects of the upgrade, including rigging, removal of rusted bolts, installation and removal of parts, and torque adjustment.

Taylor Bridge Crossing in Taylor British Columbia

Two-lane, 712-metre-long crossing on Alaska Highway.

Inspection and Repairs.

We maintained the Taylor Bridge Crossing, a vital connection between Fort St. John and Dawson Creek, by removing salt deposits, conducting inspections, and making necessary repairs. Our comprehensive approach included photo documentation, concrete removal, rigging, and steel coating to ensure the bridge’s integrity and functionality.

As industry leaders, Tatras Industrial is committed to delivering exceptional service, safety excellence, and customer satisfaction. Partner with us to benefit from our proven expertise and experience in tackling even the most challenging projects.

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At Tatras, our rope access technicians undergo specialized training and hold certifications such as IRATA Certification, COR Certification by BCCSA, and memberships with ISNet, showcasing their expertise in rope access techniques and commitment to safety protocols.
Rope access is a method of working at heights or in confined spaces using ropes and specialized techniques. In infrastructure services, it allows us to access difficult-to-reach areas for inspections, maintenance, and repairs efficiently and safely.
Our services cater to a wide range of projects, including utilities, railway infrastructure, construction sites, sports venues, and water and wastewater treatment facilities. These techniques are versatile and applicable in various sectors where traditional access methods may be challenging.